Dr. Sloan Hildebrand has been blessed with the opportunity to travel literally around the world to share his God given talents with those less fortunate and in dire need of dental services and education. Sloan's first trip abroad was with his father and his brother Dr. Brody Hildebrand in conjunction with Serving Him missions in 1999 where they set up dental clinics in basements of churches in Romania.

Sloan then ran with his dream of serving overseas and decided to take a break from daily life here in America and spend a year giving back throughout Southeast Asia, Nepal and India from 2001-2002, some time spent living in mountain villages and tropical jungles with his brothers Jed and Brody. From living in the land of the lost near Angkor Wat, Cambodia to the high altitude Sherpa villages near Mt. Everest, their time overseas was truly and epic adventure.

After completion of his prosthodontic specialty residency in 2005, Sloan again decided to take the dental show on the road. This time he brought along two long time friends and orchestrated an around the world dental missions trip that would take the three of them over land and sea spanning 13 remote countries as they emersed themselves with the local villagers where they would at times live off the land and sea for survival. He serves alongside other organizations such as Spread the Aloha, International Medical Relief, Project 31, Doctors Without Borders, Amazon Outreach, Himalayan Trust Foundation and is currently collaborating with the HOPE campaign as well as serving on the board of the Peter E. Dawson Foundation to bring relief to individuals suffering throughout Africa in the years to come. His current dental practice donates a portion of their profits to these very communities around world and he continues to serve and return to these villages in his time away from home. Since his first exposure to missions in Romania, Sloan has made it a priority to return to developing countries around the world numerous times per year alongside friends and other family members. He went back to Cambodia in 2004 with his sister Katherine to serve at Angkor Hospital for Children and was chosen in 2009 to represent the American Dental Association to aid in disaster, dental and medical relief to villages in Myanmar that were devastated by the Nargis cyclone in 2008. Please keep posted to this site or contact us to see where Dr. Sloan Hildebrand will be serving next as well as to become informed of opportunities for others, such as you, to serve in many capacities alongside him. The global need is now.

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