Dental Implants

Dental implants have revolutionized the art of replacing non restorable or lost single or multiple teeth.  No longer must adjacent teeth be altered in order to replace teeth.  Dental implants are small titanium posts that integrate with and act as scaffolding to the surrounding bone in order to preserve bone height and width for the remainder of the patient’s life. Without implants in place the patient can experience facial structure deterioration as well as loss of support and complications to the adjacent teeth over time.

The implant procedure is usually a simple two stage process.  The implant is placed in the space where there is a missing tooth.  Most patients are able to wear a temporary device after implant placement and then approximately 2 months later (on average) the implant should be fully healed to the bone and a permanent crown will be fabricated to be placed on top of the implant.  Patients missing multiple teeth or all of their teeth can also be served by the use of multiple dental implants.  Removable and non removable implant supported devices can be fabricated in these cases where more implants are needed.

We use only state of the art implant technology and we are proud to say that we specialize in precise implant placement and beautifully contoured final esthetic restorations.