Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We specialize in serving patients that are in need of a full “overhaul” or have multiple teeth that are in need of crowns or implant crowns.  The idea of placing crowns on every tooth or the majority of the teeth in one's mouth can be daunting and must be done so with precision by an expert in that field.  We strive to provide proper function while creating the desired esthetics for our final restorations to ensure that the patient has not only beautiful restorations but ones that will stand the test of time.  We use only the highest quality laboratories and place emphasis on restoring all of our patients with the utmost excellence without compromise.  This is true for single crowns or full mouth rehabilitations.

Patients that have all of their teeth missing can also obtain permanently retained teeth that are anchored with dental implants.  These prostheses can fabricated from either acrylic bonded to gold, titanium or porcelain units that can only be removed by a professional in order to give the most life like function and appearance for those patients that do not want removable dentures.  These prostheses must be fabricated by skilled technicians and with the utmost attention to functional and cosmetic detail.